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Roadway Signs...Renter Beware

Posted on Sunday, August 24, 2014, by Mike Henderson

   From time to time, when dealing with customers requests, I get the comment, "But, I saw a sign on the highway for $149/day rental from another company."  First of all, understand that "I'm not that guy!"  I believe in choice and you have every right to save a buck...and I do not fault the weekend warrior trying to make an extra dollar.  But also understand where I'm coming from as a legitimate business owner, and understand the risks.  The signs that I have seen have something to the effect of Moon Bounce $149/day with a cell phone number.  If you choose to call the number, be sure to ask if they possess a state business license.  Ask the age, condition, and size of the moon bounce...some are only 12'x12' while the smallest within our inventory is 15'x15'.  More importantly, request the name of their party rental operations insurance company.  You see, Galaxy Inflatables, LLC and other reputable rental companies, are required to have substantial insurance on the use of their products.  This can become a significant expense on our end, and is even a requirement to rent at particular venues.

   With this in mind, and somewhat ironically I guess, Galaxy Inflatables would like to make the same offer to our customers in the months of September and October...any 15'x15' bounce house for just $149/day!!  See site for more details.



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