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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that renting a moon bounce, slide or other party items is a new experience for some of our customers.  Galaxy Inflatables strives to make the process as effortless as possible for you, the Renter, so you can concentrate on planning and preparing for your other party needs.  If you have any additional questions that are not answered below, don't hesitate to call or email us. 

    1. How do I know if the moon bounce I want is available? How do I reserve it?

    An inquiry by email or phone will determine if the unit you request is available on the day of your event.  We will then reserve your bounce and ask that you send a $50 deposit mailed to us at Galaxy Inflatables, LLC  560 Peoples Plaza #251 Newark, DE 19702 with a completed Rental Agreement. 

    Contact us for more information on the rental procedure.

    2. How far in advance should I make my reservation?

    Please call or email us as far in advance as possible to book your inflatable in an attempt to eliminate any availability issues.  Summer months and weekends tend to become extremely busy for us.



    3. How many children fit in a bounce?

    Each bounce has specific capacity restriction lables based on the number of jumpers and weight.  This will be addressed by our installers upon delivery.  Generally, 4-10 children can occupy a unit depending on height, weight, age, behavior, etc.


    4. How much room is needed for a bounce house? What surfaces can the bounce be set up on?

    We prefer approximately 5-6 foot of additional space around the unit, and it can sit on any safe flat surface.  Galaxy Inflatables will supply sandbags at no extra cost when the bounce cannot be secured by stakes.  Galaxy Inflatables does reserve the right to refuse set up if we deem an area as unsafe.  Please specify any potential concerns during the reservation process.   

    5. Do you set up inflatables in parks?

    We set up in parklands but are not responsible for any permits and/or additional fees required by some parks.  Galaxy Inflatables will forward proof of insurance to any entity upon request. 



    6. Are moon bounces safe?

    Galaxy Inflatables' units are inspected regularly and any maintenance and repairs are documented on detailed logs exceeding industry safety standards.  Our commitment alone with proper supervision and behavior on the bounces will make for a fun and safe experience.  

    7. Can I save on delivery/setup fees by picking the inflatable up myself?

    No...due to safety and insurance concerns, Galaxy Inflatables must set up and break down the moon bounce.  This assures us that the unit was properly installed with the safety of the users in mind.  

    8. What time do you deliver and pick up the bounce?

    When you make your reservation, advise us of the start and end times of your event.  The inflatable will be set up so the unit is available for the requested times.  Galaxy Inflatables will make every attempt to accommodate you with set up and pick up times.  We, generally, set up between 9a-12p and pick up between 6-730p. 

    9. What are my responsibilities as renter of the moon bounce?

    You, the Renter, are responsible to pick up any debris and/or pet feces in the area the moon bounce will be set up.  The Renter's ultimate responsibility is to assure NO MISCONDUCT by the participants using the bounce.

    10. What if the inflatable is damaged during my rental period?

    Our inflatables are delivered clean and in excellent condition.  Galaxy Inflatables goes to great lengths to maintain the quality of our equipment.  Because of these standards, any charges relating to damage or excessive debris on or within the unit will be the responsibility of the Renter. 

    11. What if there is a chance of rain or excessive winds?

    Galaxy Inflatables will contact you if there are any weather concerns prior to delivery.  Any cancellation due to weather will result in rescheduling the rental(based on availability) or refund of deposit. 

    12. Do you provide an attendant during our event to monitor the inflatable?

    We can supply an attendant upon the Customer's request for an additional fee.  Please call for further details.